Jihad Jerry writes manifesto: “Mine Is Not A Holy War”

Gerald V. Casale, bass player of legendary new wave band Devo, has embarked on a campaign against extremists and believers. His new album Mine Is Not A Holy War is a political attack that goes beyond Christian and Moslem, left and right — but rather is pitted against those who take their beliefs too seriously!

Devo has always been a harbinger voice of the counterculture movement, perhaps most famously in their 1984 hit song “Here to go,” based on William Burroughs’ statement: “This is the space age, and we are here to go.” Many miss the voice of William Burroughs with icons of terrorism filling the collective mind. What weight would such a freedom fighting man’s voice carry in such an age.

In the first post on Jihad Jerry’s Weekly Low Down on the Down Low, Casale explains:

Jihad Jerry is here to put the “Fun” in Fundamentalism. Fundamentalists are way too serious when it comes to their beliefs. Beliefs kill what the higher brain has to offer us. My songs point and laugh. They are my weapons of choice and they’re aimed at all who deserve them. Remember, mine is NOT a holy war. The tail has wagged the dog of humanity long enough. Jihad jerry loves non-believers.

If one listens to the early “Hardcore Devo” compilations one quickly gets a sense of the subversive nature of their art, particularly in songs like “I need a chick”. What this all adds up to is a general appreciation and awareness on Devo’s part of the relationship between music and politics.

Mine Is Not a Holy War is the work of a man who is fed up with what he sees in world and the media — and is doing something about it. When one thinks of the musical landscape today, one is hard pressed to think of an artist who is doing the same.

And so — the spirit of Devo is alive! Music with a political, countercultural edge à la William Burroughs. A man who goes not meekly to his grave.